Adi Shakti Essence (English)


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Adi Shakti Essence (English)

Auszug aus dem Skript, von Hari Andri Winarso



Adi Shakti Essence is an excellent essence that creates a strong connection with the Divine Mother.

It has an amazing energy to awaken the Kundalini as the Creative force within you, and this Kundalini energy will move through the center of our being, the Central Channel. And when this Creative force begins to raise — it clears out any blockages in your energy channels, and opens your chakras, because of all the blockages in your energy channels are cleared, and your chakras are opened … the Kundalini energy can moving up easily, and the life force can flow freely in the whole of your body.

Adi Shakti Essence will also creates an auric shield and strengthen your energy fields.


1 Ferneinweihung (Dauer ca. 45-60 Min.), die auf Seiten des Empfängers und senders das Chanten eines längeren Mantras erfordert. 1 pdf Skript,1 pdf Zertifikat mit Lehrerlinie



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